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Meeting and working with Susan has been a delight and a privilege, she clearly knows her stuff. And I was amazed at how fast I stopped my bad eating habits and started eating good. I have to say, she is the woman to go to if you want to make a lifestyle change. If you’re looking for another diet, then she could probably help but for me, diet has always been a short term thing. Whereas I find what Susan can offer is a complete lifestyle change. Ryan June 16

Susan helped me to focus on eating healthier and what I needed to do in order to lose weight and become more aware.  With her help I lost weight which I had struggled to do whilst trying to motivate myself.  Phil D in Leeds

I had the special offer of £100 for 3 sessions and found Susan really helpful in explaining the pros and cons of various foods and drink.  She clearly understands her subject very well and has such enthusiasm for food.  She has pointed me in the right direction for the future and also looks at your whole lifestyle to her to help you.  She is easy to talk to Jeff Feb 2016

Susan's knowledge of food types and their nutritional values has been invaluable in helping me achieve my goals. Susan has undertaken many tasks on my behalf  to ensure my health issues have been reviewed and appropriate food discussed to ensure my well being.

Susan truly is a joy to work with and cannot be recommended enough.  Elizabeth Scott 2016


Susan has helped me immensely in recent weeks.  I came to her with some minor health concerns, problems around body image and weight loss and difficulties with meal planning for a busy family.  In short, I was stuck!  In her calm, positive and knowledgeable manner, Susan has helped me unravel the issues and has given me practical support in assessing where I am and why.  With her kindness and support I have been able to formulate a more balanced and healthy eating plan, factor in several exercise sessions a week and devise flexible, healthy menu plans and ideas for my busy family and lifestyle.  She has helped change my attitude to food and my outlook is much less stressed and much more positive.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Susan to anyone needing guidance where food, nutrition, exercise and general well-being are concerned.  Karen November 2015

"Susan very generously gave her time and expertise to speak about eating well for brain health at a memory cafe I run.

Thank you so much for coming to talk to us at the memory cafe this morning Susan. Everyone said what a good talk you gave. I'm sure people will be greatly helped in putting your suggestions into practice. You gave us very clear, practical advice and guidance, and enabled us to feel it's okay to have some treats too. We really liked the simple and quick meal suggestions, and ways of adding fibre and protein to foods in easy ways." Hilary Oct 15

"We enjoyed Susan's visit to our group we found it very informative, She was very easy to listen to and was very knowledgeable regarding the questions asked, We are so pleased that we are currently arranging for her to come back and give us a talk on food and mood"  The Gedling Follow on Group Sept 15

"I met you when I was struggling after a long illness. You helped me look at the food I could eat differently.  You helped me so much with some CBT skills, which I am using all the time as I move onwards and upwards.  You taught me not to hurt anymore, not to take on stress from what others have done and to be proud of what I have achieved.  You have always been very easy to talk to, you supported me, sent positive vibes and were at the end of the phone for queries.  Those things helped so much." Katie, Dec 14

"There is always a welcome from Susan, her knowledge, information and enthusiasm inspired me to adopt the 5:2 regime" Anne M, Nov 14

"Attending Susan's 5:2 diet sessions has helped me think differently about food, relax and enjoy it.  Her tasting session of a low calorie dish has inspired me to try different foods and keep on track." Peggy, Sept 14

“Susan has really helped me cope with my dairy and egg intolerance. Instead of being focused on what food I couldn’t have, I have lots of new recipes and ideas for all the different things I can now eat and enjoy. I don’t feel that I am missing out on cakes, desserts or snacks.” SM

“Susan is a mine of information about nutrition and when you ask her a question, no matter where you are or what the situation she never makes you feel like “you’re a bother”.  I have asked her about vitamins and minerals, herbs and spices and low calorie alternative ingredients in recipes.  I am not a very good cook and Susan was more than willing to come shopping with me, helped me prepare, cook and eat the food we had bought.  She has increased my confidence in cooking and know that if I ever have a cooking dilemma she is only a phone call or email away.”  Alison

“Susan’s knowledge of nutrition ensures that individual needs are met within a group environment. The offer of additional support by telephone and email is also very valuable.  I would highly recommend her services to any company wanting to improve employee productivity and engagement” Sharrie Manno, Think Hypno  

 “You helped me when I had an accident and gave me some advice in how to look after myself, repair tissue damage and get generally stronger in mind and body. I took extra supplements and ensured I ate the right foods to help me get better after the accident. I particularly appreciated our phone calls (I was a bit housebound so we communicated by phone and email) as you listened to my needs and advised accordingly.”  Eileen

"Every year Notts Athletic Club hold a Ladies today to encourage new ladies to join the club but also to give training advice to its current female membership. The day includes such things as warm up activities, event specific training, have a go at something new sessions, injury prevention, psychology and nutrition to mention just a few. The age range for the day is from 13 onwards.

Sue Hart came along to deliver a session on the importance of nutrition to female athletes. The advice given ranged from basic information on the various food groups, how these all aid the performance of an athlete, how to prepare for training & competition and ideas on meals to deliver the food groups. The ladies then got the chance to make up their own smoothies from a range of ingredients provided by Sue. This involved a lot of laughter but also some good results that many of them said they would take away and recreate.

Everyone found Sue very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and thoroughly enjoyed her session." JR, Coach & Ladies Team Manager, Notts Athletic Club


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